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D2.1 Model systems and simulation configurations

The aim of the WP2 is ultimately to produce a library of simulations for emissions and atmospheric…

D7.8 Research Data Portal

D7.8 provides the initial and early version of the CHE Research Data Portal.

D7.5 Data Management Plan

The CHE Data Management Plan responds to the requirements of the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot to document which…

1st GA Lindqvist

We present a direct methodology, solely based on satellite data, to observe anthropogenic CO2 emission…

1st GA Ott

Land and ocean carbon sinks absorb half of human CO2 emissions.

1st GA McNorton

Methane (CH4) is the second most important long-lived anthropogenic greenhouse gas.

1st GA Bousserez

The increasing availability of satellite-based observations of atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) (e.g.,…

1st GA Masson

Cities weather and climate is governed by physical and geobiological processes strongly modified…

1st GA Le Moigne

SURFEX is a surface modelling platform developed by Météo-France.